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Frequently Asked Questions




How are sewer rates determined?

By square footage of the finished living space of the residence, not including garages, sheds, unfinished attics or basements.

How do I pay my bill?
  • By mail with check.
  • Online by credit card.*
  • In person with cash, check or credit card.*
  • By phone with credit card.*
  • Automatic payment through direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account (download form or pick-up from PLRWSD Office, and submit in-person or via fax, 208-634-7613)

* a 3% fee will be charged for all credit card transactions.

When will I get a bill?
  • PLRWSD bills ahead, meaning that customers will be paying for the upcoming month(s).
  • Billing frequency depends on the billing cycle the customer signs up for:
    • Monthly:  mailed by the 25th of the month prior, due the 20th of the month.
    • Semi-annual:  receive early January and July, due by the 20th of January and July.
    • Annual:  receive early January, due by January 20th.
How do change my billing frequency?

PLRWSD offers monthly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles.  Please contact the PLRWSD Office for more information and to make a change.

How do I update my account information?
What if I am late with my payment?

Late fees will be assessed at $5 per month after the due date.



Who do I contact for planning and new construction?

For new residential sewer connections, please contact the PLRWSD Office during business hours to verify service and request a sewer connection permit application.

For new large developments or commercial properties, please call the PLRWSD Office during business hours and schedule a time to meet with a staff member.

Who do I contact about sewer backups?

For sewer backups in the home or if you notice sewage on the ground or coming out of a manhole, please contact the office during business hours or if outside business hours, call the Valley County Dispatch at 208-382-5160.

Who do I contact for sewer line locates?

For any excavation, please call Dig Line, 811 or 208-342-1585, prior to digging. This 24/7 Idaho hotline will identify all affected utilities in your project area.

For all other questions, please contact or visit PLRWSD office.

DIGLINE, Inc. provides a central, 24/7 Idaho owned and operated call center to notify underground facility owners of planned digging activities. Call DIGLINE at 811, or submit a locate request online, at least two business days before you dig.